Roni takes care of Finland’s highest residential building

Property Maintenance Operative Roni Kanervo has no room for fear of heights when checking the functionality of smoke vents and air blowers at the height of 134 metres. His workplace at SOL Kiinteistöpalvelut is the tallest private residential building in Finland, the REDI Majakka in Helsinki. Roni makes sure that the building’s technology works and that everything is in order in the properties

I have clear routines and weekly plans to get everything done. Despite careful planning, unexpected things can sometimes happen. That is when I really have to hurry up. In my work, I also need to be flexible and be able to prioritise things,” he says.

Residents’ various repair requests or unexpected snowfall in the winter can quickly fill his schedule. Roni’s duties include arranging the ploughing and sanding of the building’s yard area.

Water damage or an elevator being out of order also create a sense of urgency.

This building has 35 floors. There are a total of four elevators. But if even one of them is out of order for a little while, long waiting lines will start to accumulate. Although the building’s elevators are the fastest in residential use in Finland, they must all be operational, so a repairman must be quickly available,” Roni explains.

Since Majakka is a high-rise building, its safety must be taken good care of. The building’s apartments have, for example, a sprinkler system.

“The safety systems must be tested regularly. They must always be operational.”

Roni’s career path at SOL already began in 2011. He first started practical training through a vocational school and then got a permanent job after his conscription.

According to Roni, all his work sites have been interesting and diverse: Orton, YLE, Keva and, before Majakka, the Helsinki service tunnel.

He is happy to have been able to see and learn new things at different sites. He encourages young people who are considering the field to give it a go.

This field was not my first choice either when I was considering my study options after comprehensive school. However, I have not regretted my choice. The work

is independent and diverse. I get to plan my own working day and decide my own schedule,” Roni says.

He also points out that different work sites give the employee the resources to tackle new challenges.

“I have extensive experience and have learned a lot from previous work sites. At first, of course, I worked together with other property maintenance operatives and learned the ropes from them. Now I’m ready for independent work.