From a temporary agency worker to a sales manager

Who are you and what has your career at SOL been like?

”I am Elisa Käyrä and I work as a Sales Manager at SOL Laundry Services. I have been working

at Laundry Services since 2012. Over the years,

I’ve worked in many different roles. I started as a temporary agency worker in Tampere. I worked a few days a week in different laundries when I was filling in for people on holidays and days off. From there, I went on to become a Shop Manager. Then I moved to Helsinki and initially worked in the busiest laundry at Stockmann, after which I started working as a Service Instructor, which was followed by the position of a substitute Service Manager. After this, I started working in sales and soon acquired my current job.”

How has your career impacted your current job?

“My career path has made my current job easier. I understand the production and operational sides and can tell customers what happens in the laundry. Of course, practical knowledge also makes pricing and instructing the laundries easier. When I understand both sides, communication between the customer and the laundry is smoother.

I am interested in many things, so it is great to be able to learn and develop. I have been able to change my position without having to switch employers.”

What is your job like and what is the best thing about it?

“In this job, I spend most of my time with customers. I prepare quotes and contracts. Of course, the work involves communication with both customers and the laundry. The schedules must be carefully planned so

that I have time to do everything that needs to be done. Having worked in the company for a long time, I do other work in addition to sales, which also increases the versatility of the job. I feel that I can also be of help in the development of the laundry business.

Versatility is the best part of the job. In my work, I solve different issues together with customers and laundry employees, so no day is the same.”

What does the meaningfulness of work mean to you?

“It means that it is nice to go to work in the morning and think about all the

interesting tasks ahead. It shows that the work is meaningful.

I have studied textile design and feel that the work is in line with my own values. In my work, I am able to help customers take care of textiles and make them last longer. In terms of SOL as an employer, I value the freedom to work in my own way and in a manner that suits my personality. We do not have a strict way of working, and everyday creativity is  encouraged. SOL values freedom, and we trust that everyone wants to do their job well.

In my work, I have had the opportunity to participate in training. Various training opportunities have been offered in the field of sales, and I have also studied a lot during my career. Among other things, I took the service design training offered by Aalto EE, and it has proven to be very useful in my work. At the moment, I’m studying business at LAB University of Applied Sciences alongside my work.

I think it’s great that you can grow in your work. Although there is some uncertainty involved every time you start a new job, I have felt that it is nice to be able to challenge myself. And, of course, coworkers brighten up workdays. Over the years, I have gained many new contacts and friends.