SOL employs over 13,000 cheerful cleaning, facility, property, laundry and security service professionals and flexible personnel service experts. Our mutual goal is a sunny and satisfied customer A skilled and committed personnel is one of our most important factors of success. It is a matter of honour to be a good employer to each of our employees.

We believe that everybody wants to succeed in their work. With the support and guidance of your supervisor, you will get the chance for independence and responsibility in your duties. We appreciate new ideas and encourage our employees to take the initiative and be creative. We want our personnel to see their work as a joyful thing. We forward positive feedback from the customer to the person responsible for the work both orally and as a note on their personal Quality Passport.

We offer our employees the opportunity for constant development and learning. Our annual training budget is 3% of the revenue. By participating in the versatile and high-quality training programme of SOL while working, you will develop your professional skills and get a chance to advance within the SOL group to more demanding duties.

Constant improvement of the work atmosphere

The joy of working and an encouraging, team-spirited atmosphere is important to us. We regularly monitor employee satisfaction with the “Joy barometer “ questionnaire and develop our operations based on the feedback.

SOL is well-known for integrating the real estate business into a service field. SOL has significantly improved the image of the field with its reputation as a good employer and provider of quality services.

We take good care of our personnel and their well-being. In accordance with customers’ wishes, we train our staff and develop their skills. The working tools of our staff also follow high standards. We utilise technologically high-quality materials and tools, particularly taking into consideration the environmental aspects.