You’ll find the extensive service selection of SOL Laundries all around Finland, and it is certain that our laundry professionals are capable of removing any type of dirt. See below for the wide selection of services and techniques provided by SOL.

Wet cleaning

Our wet cleaning efficiently removes all stains caused by perspiration or food. Wet cleaning may, however, harm certain materials, as water may, even when used correctly, cause changes in the measurements of clothing or textiles. The garment may stretch, pill or felt. It is advisable to bring your most loved garments to the laundry service for wet cleaning. Wet cleaning done by a professional prevents the harmful effects of water. Men’s separate trousers, whose care label enables both wet cleaning and dry cleaning, should be dry cleaned. This extends the life of the trousers, and they will keep their form in between washes.

Emulsion cleaning

Our emulsion cleaning is wet cleaning which uses emulsifying detergents. Because of the materials and machine technology used in the process, the good properties of water can be utilised and the bad eliminated. The emulsifying agent creates a molecular structure around the fibre, protecting it from the harmful effects of water. At the same time, the good effects of water, such as its ability to remove dirt, can be utilised. Emulsion cleaning is suitable for all clothes that endure wet cleaning, especially knit garments and wet cleanable silks, as the emulsifying agent really brings out the colours and makes voluminous knits fluffy and soft. Clothes that are only allowed to be dry cleaned can also undergo emulsion cleaning, but any stains require dry cleaning. A good example is a man’s suit with a large stain from red wine.

Washing with dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the gentlest washing method. Suits, jacket suits, dresses and evening dresses should be dry cleaned, as the process is gentle and does not cause changes in the measurements. Certain stains, such as grease, stearin, ballpoint and resin are removed only by dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is completely safe and no solvent residue is left in the garment. All clothes are also ironed by hand after cleaning.

The delivery time for dry cleaned clothes is three hours. The quick delivery time is not achieved at the expense of quality, instead, the advanced machine technology enables fast cleaning. All clothes are ironed by hand after cleaning. You do not need to pick up the clothes immediately after they are cleaned. We will store the clothes for one month for free. It should be noted, however, that the metal hanger of the laundry service is not the best possible method for storing clothes.

SOL Protective treatment

SOL Protective treatment protects the garment from dirt and moisture, and a new garment should always be treated before use. You’ll get the best results by bringing the garment to the laundry service to be treated. In SOL Laundry services, the protective treatment is always done mechanically. This ensures an even spray and an optimal amount of protective agent. In addition, the garment will receive the necessary heat treatment. In case of an accident, the stain can be absorbed into a piece of porous paper. Do not wipe the stain with a coloured napkin, as it may leave coloured fluff or even a stain on the garment.

Leather cleaning and dyeing

Leather garments deserve to be cleaned according to their needs. Suede garments can be cleaned at SOL Laundries in our own special suede wash. The garment is first dry cleaned and then receives a grease treatment.

For nappa leather garments and high-quality suede garments, SOL offers a leather wash with the Ledermaister method. The wash contains about 18 different phases, such as grease treatment by hand, suede brushing and additional nappa leather dyeing. Do not wait for the garment to become ”dirty enough”, but have it washed immediately after the first stain.

Linen cleaning

Clean, white, pressed and beautifully folded linen is difficult to achieve at home. The laundry service does it for you effortlessly and inexpensively. Linen is easy to wash, but it needs space to dry and time and effort to finish. Only pressing makes linen perfectly smooth.

Carpet cleaning and repair

Today, almost every type of carpet requires flat cleaning. The carpet cleaning process in our laundry service includes flat cleaning and proper drying. The carpet must be dried quickly. This prevents the carpet from developing a stuffy odour.

Repair service

Make sure to use our convenient repair service while doing business with us. Changing zippers or buttons, taking in seams – all done in no time. We also repair new garments and shorten legs and sleeves. The delivery time for these repairs is quick: At the Helsinki Kamppi and Eteläinen Makasiininkatu service points, only a few days by agreement. At other laundries, the delivery time is about eight weekdays.

Damage and fire cleaning

In the event of fire or water damage, clothes and domestic textiles may be damaged. Domestic wet cleaning will not remove soot or the smell of smoke, which call for stronger methods and materials. We will clean the most necessary clothes in your household with a delivery time of just a few hours.