Remote monitoring services

Technical safety systems are diversely utilised for the remote monitoring of the selected area and other safety work.

Assessments of technical safety systems

The current state of technical safety systems is assessed with the help of risk assessment and development needs are evaluated, taking into consideration the safety demands of the customer.

Technical safety systems as part of the service

We offer technical safety systems with a fixed monthly fee to support other safety services.

The systems, designed to help the customer, include camera surveillance, access control, alarm device, locking and personal safety systems. The door, gate and barrier solutions, fences and lighting, security check and X-ray equipment and postal service solutions are also designed to function precisely according to the wishes of the customer.

Alarm control centre services

The aim of the alarm control centre service is to prevent and minimise the security threats to the property, staff and customers. When the situation calls for it, a guard is sent to the destination in accordance with the instructions agreed upon in advance. During an alarm visit, the guard handles any emergencies they encounter.

Occupational safety monitoring and securing solitary work

Occupational safety is ensured by utilising personal alarms, detectors and other safety equipment. Remote surveillance is also carried out with recording cameras.

Senior citizens’ safety and wellbeing

The safety of senior citizens is ensured with customer service supporting their sense of safety and adding to their wellbeing by answering their contacts and requests for help.

Personal emergency buttons, home terminals and fall detectors help us in the safety work aimed at senior citizens. Sleep quality and length monitoring devices and detectors following movement and location are utilised in our work. Entertainment and community services also play an important part in ensuring wellbeing. Requests for help are answered by our trained care personnel, also trained to understand the special features of customer service in senior citizen care.