SOL’s multiservice guards create a professional sense of security anywhere. They use the latest security technology and carry out any other necessary tasks. The service experience is always tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

On-site guarding

On-site guarding recognises and prevents threats to property or personnel, such as by monitoring personal traffic and the premises.

Shop security and porters

A guard prevents with visible technical monitoring the risks to a customer’s property or personnel and, if necessary, takes action to handle the situation. Professional customer service is highlighted in shops.

Monitoring room services

Monitoring room guard services aim to prevent possible disturbances by utilising technical monitoring and, if necessary, appearing on-site. In other cases, the guard will alarm another guard or a representative of the customer for the task. Any emergencies are minimised and detected deviations are actively handled.

Lobby services

The aim of the lobby service is to prevent, through physical and technical monitoring, security threats to the property, the personnel and customers. Another aim is to maintain a positive security culture and protect the business image.

Our multiservice guards are skilled in receiving guests, guidance, facility bookings, telephone exchange, key control and meeting services. Office and Back Office services, catering services, postal services, shredding, temporary workforce and office supply storage maintenance are also included in our wide range of expertise.

On-site and district guarding

The primary task of an on-site guard is to protect the fixed and moveable property of the business in accordance with the instructions drafted in cooperation with the customer. Monitoring is done on the premises or inside the property with the help of separately agreed inspection rounds. The aim is to reduce the risks to the business or chain and to prevent and minimise the security threats to the property, staff and customers.

The usual on-site guarding duties include opening, closing and inspection rounds, switching the alarm systems on and off, and moving to emergency sites by car.