The Solar Centre is available for customers around the clock within Finland, with international coverage planned in the future. By combining services, we are able to centralise the gathering and production of information, thus serving our customers with increased versatility and speed, backed with more accurate data.

With the help of the Solar Centre, we can identify the total needs of the customer, taking better care of them and offering additional services they may not have thought of themselves. Customers receive a quick reply whether by phone, chat or, for example, on Facebook, and we will dispatch the appropriate expert to suit each situation. Cutting-edge technology enables the Solar Centre to receive data, video and images from around Finland via fast and effective connections. The benefits of remote surveillance, in turn, include detecting faults and defects immediately and optimising property automation in variable situations and conditions.

Experts from the Solar Centre supervise whether the conditions corresponding to the use of the facilities are realised in the property around the clock. Corrective action can be taken immediately in any exceptional situations. The remote surveillance of the Solar Centre includes technical building systems, energy consumption monitoring, traffic control, camera surveillance and customer service that supports resourcing.