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SOL grows happily despite the recession

20. May 2014

SOL, the Finnish, family-owned service company has managed to increase its net sales and become more successful at a time when most large Finnish companies are reporting reduced profitability. Last year, SOL’s net sales were EUR 262 million, with 14% growth from the previous year. The number of personnel increased by 237, which makes the current number of SOL employees 11,482.

Quick growth will continue

SOL will continue to invest in growth, also in the near future. The business is expected to grow by 20% in Finland in the coming years. When international operations are included, the expected growth is 30%. The business of SOL’s international subsidiaries is expected to grow particularly well.

Timo Sairanen, Director, HR and Legal Issues at SOL characterises the growth as innovative and cheerful:
- We have been able to fulfill the wishes of our customers and updated our services and organisation in order to better meet them. We aim for clarity: customers should be able to get all services from one place. Furthermore, we have a lean organisation, which means we are always close to the customer, Sairanen continues.

More multiservice

The SOL multiservice model stresses the importance of taking responsibility for the customer’s service package. The model groups together, for example, cleaning, property and security services into a seamless package. This helps the customer’s procurement processes and reduces overlapping expenses and functions.
The multiservice model requires new skills from the personnel, as well.

- Ensuring the expertise of our personnel has always been an integral part of our way of working. Consequently, multiexpertise has become an important part of our training. It means that one person is responsible for several tasks. For example, our cleaners have expertise in property maintenance, and the property maintenance personnel are also responsible for cleanliness, Sairanen explains.

Further information:
Timo Sairanen, Director, HR and Legal Issues
timo.sairanen@sol.fi Tel. +358 (0)45 670 0368

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