Visars exciting trip from Kosovo to Finland

Visar is a metro cleaner at SOL. He came to Finland two years ago in November from Kosovo and he speaks Albanian. He came to Finland looking for work. His cousin and friends recommended SOL as an employer, because they had heard it was a good place to work. Visar sent his SOL application from Kosovo and said that the recruitment process was easy and lasted 2 to 3 months.

Before metro Visar worked in Ilmala and at the railway station and Allas Pool and many others, but he likes cleaning the metro especially where he gets to drive the cleaning machine. He works together with almost 30-40 other workers in the metro. In his work Visar pays attention to the work quality and wants that everything looks good.

Back in Kosovo Visar used to work at a bar 8 hours a day for 8 euros. The salary was just enough to pay the rent but not much else. Back in Kosovo he misses his family, and like Finland, Kosovo had many lakes. Living in Kosovo was nice but hard. Everything about work was stressful, both work tasks and work environment. He likes that cleaning the metro is not as stressful and he can focus on the quality of his work.

Visar advises everyone to speak Finnish. Although it can be hard, Visar sees that it’s very useful for the workers:

My supervisor teaches me to speak Finnish once a week. And If I ask something in English she answers in Finnish. That´s good way to learn as well.

To job applicants Visar gives simple advice:

Don’t give stress, and help each other. It’s easy.”