New start in Finland-Kimberly´s career story

Kimberly Bautista came from Philippines 3 years ago. Now she is a cleaner at Hotel Kamp.

Back at home she use to do office work, so cleaning was new thing to her.

-I had no idea how to clean professionally, because I just had experience to clean my own home.  But it’s a different story , says Kimberly laughing.

-At the beginning it was very difficult. I was very lucky to have very patient colleagues who helped me step by step, even if I made mistakes. At the hotel they have very high expectations about cleanliness, it is a 5-star hotel. Our supervisor never conveys pressure to us, she always gives feedback kindly, says Kimberly.

The best parts of SOL

–  I feel like appreciated, safe and secure working at SOL. I’m sure that SOL, as it takes good care of me, takes care of every single worker in the company and for that I´m very grateful, says Kimberly.

– What I like about SOL is that it has very friendly supervisors, who take good care of the employees, and gives the welcoming atmosphere. I realized that SOL is a company full of multiculturalism and always gives the opportunity to all those who want to work.

Love what you do

The advice that Kimberly gives is that find the passion through work.

No matter how hard your work is, love your work
do it because you enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do professional cleaning because we can teach you. The most important thing is that if you have a good attitude to learn and adapt the changes and to be open minded, Kimberly says smiling

Back at home Philippines she has husband and 5-yers old son. After years of waiting, she is finally getting her family to Finland.

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