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SOL allows your career to take flight

The prerequisite to the outstanding revenue of SOL has been the increase of staff and the investment in training. Today, we are one of the largest employers in Finland, and developing know-how has become a part of our day-to-day operations. As much as two per cent of our revenue is invested in training.

Together with our clients, we discuss how we could support their business in the most effective way possible. The aim of our training system is to meet the needs of customers, increase the professional abilities of our staff and provide an opportunity to complete different degrees, such as competence degrees.

The SOL Training programme consists of field-specific training courses, each with their own extensive coaching and training programmes. In addition, the regions have their own training and joint service person and official worker training. Internal job orientation online and in local training provide the basic information and skills needed for work. Online training is part of day-to-day learning.

We work in cooperation with various teaching institutions. Our goal is to develop the training in our fields in interaction with other training experts. We encourage SOL employees to participate in apprenticeship training and complete different degrees.

Every year, we train regionally operating tutors, service experts in different fields, who, besides their normal work, brief, guide and instruct our new employees. They also provide certain field-specific training to our other service experts. The tutors are, as a support for the training organisation and the service manager, an important link in ensuring and increasing know-how.

Apprenticeship training - work your way to a degree

Apprenticeship training is a handy way of proving your competence and completing a degree with a background of work experience. The training updates the information and skills of an employee, and, in addition, the apprenticeship training enables them to complete almost any degree in the SOL fields of activity. Apprenticeship training is available all around Finland and at all degree levels. SOL has particularly invested in apprenticeship activities and has received for their actions, for example, the reward of the Helsinki Bureau on Apprenticeships. 

Get in touch with working life with no previous training

The SOL training courses are designed to meet the objectives of the degrees of different fields in a way that they prepare the trainees for the basic, vocational and specialist degrees and partial degrees in the field. The basic degrees are suited for those changing fields, those beginning in new fields, and immigrants. As work experience accumulates, the vocational degrees will become relevant.

We provide training for 17 different occupations.

Annually, 300 SOL employees complete a degree through SOL Apprenticeship training.