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Mari, SOL Cleaning services, Lohja

Mari is a service supervisor for cleaning services in Kisakallio, Lohja, and she is currently also studying in the SOL multiservice trainee program. Naturally, her goal for the future is management duties.

‟In December last year, I graduated from the institutional cleaning apprenticeship training program. SOL's internal training has measured up to my expectations and it is particularly positive that superiors inform us of important training opportunities,” explains Mari.

Mari's previous studies in the clothing industry did not entirely meet her expectations, so she felt it was time for a new adventure. After a few false starts, Mari found herself at SOL Kisakallio in Lohja, where she has worked since 2010.

For Mari, it is the training that has made it easy for her and other employees to become part of the work community. In the training, participants meet new and interesting people and also develop team spirit. Great colleagues and the uniqueness of each and every day put a smile on Mari’s face whenever she sets off for work.

‟Every day is different and poses a nice challenge. Occasional intellectual challenges are excellent for motivation.

” Mari says she feels a sense of accomplishment every day in her work, and the know-how she has developed in training plays a big part in this. In Mari's opinion, SOL's strength as a company is that it offers every employee an opportunity to develop, both as an employee and as a person.

‟Training is available for all fields and positions, not just management. SOL acts fairly towards all of its employees,” Mari concludes.

SOL acts fairly towards all of its employees.