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The values and management philosophy of SOL

The values of SOL

  • a sunny and satisfied customer
  • the joy of working
  • everyday creativity
  • entrepreneurship
  • reliability

 The management philosophy of SOL emphasises

  • freedom
  • responsibility
  • trust
  • creativity
  • goals
  • pleasant and professional working methods and work results

The management at SOL is based on a positive image of humankind, and this guides the work of each service manager in their daily tasks. People are responsible and want to do a good job. People have a need to succeed. People are different. People are thinking, acting and feeling human beings.

At SOL, we believe that everyone wants to do their job well and succeed in their work. We encourage independence and the acceptance of responsibility. At SOL, you can develop according to your own capacity with the support and encouragement of your supervisor. Every one of us plans and directs their own work.

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