SOL Energy services also reports for property duty – our experts make any target energy- and cost-effective. In addition to the fact that energy efficiency is trendy, it saves a great deal of money and natural resources.

Energy services reduces the total expenses of the customer’s property maintenance by paying attention to the synergies of property maintenance, cleaning and security systems and the reduction of energy consumption. The backbone of our goals is a functioning management process and guidance towards the right types of energy investments with the help of factual knowledge. The savings enable the customer to move forwards to its next investments.

Comprehensive service

We digest the energy efficiency of the property by analysing its technical condition and energy procurement agreements and by making an energy efficiency evaluation. With most properties, we also draft an energy efficiency plan. This includes the energy efficiency analysis of the entire property base, comparing its true energy consumption to the specific energy needs and the evaluation of the energy saving potential.

Energy services recognise concrete procedures to significantly decrease the energy consumption of the property. SOL will make a suggestion on the necessary procedures with their calculations on energy savings, investments and expenses.

Explore our different service packages and contact us, and we will help you make your property energy-efficient.

SOL Energy services – service packages

  • Energy efficiency plan (separate pricing dependent on the number of properties)
  • SOL Energy services (property-specific 24-month agreement)
  • A wide or limited service package, including
    • Energy efficiency evaluation
    • Energy consumption monitoring and analysis
    • Energy efficiency training
    • Energy procurement agreements analysis and optimisation
    • Annual property-specific audit
    • Procedure and investment suggestions for annual planning
    • Appointed energy efficiency expert
    • Online information system to manage the process