The SOL Service solution is a service package built to fit the customer’s needs. With the Service solution, services from different areas of expertise can be flexibly and seamlessly combined into a single package. This allows for synergy in providing the services. A single contact person coordinates all of the services.

The Service solution frees our customers to increasingly focus on their core business. For SOL’s employees, it provides an opportunity to extend their expertise.

Our goal is to maintain high quality standards and develop operations through cooperation, right from the start of the partnership. One of the cornerstones of improvement is the Lean model of operations, which we at SOL call LEAN – Get it right the first time.

LEAN – Get it right the first time

The LEAN – Get it right the first time management philosophy has played a significant part in improving customer experiences of the quality of services. LEAN helps us identify and eliminate waste, in other words activities which do not add value to the customer. The starting point for all of SOL’s development activities is that the customer understands their importance. Of the various methods and tools provided by LEAN, we have selected those best suited for our industry. Our hope is to also cooperate with our customers in joint LEAN projects.

Service solution synergy benefits for the customer:

  • One contact person who understands the wider picture of the customer’s operations and resources.
  • An opportunity to develop a service experience with a view of the customer’s operations across business sectors.
  • Operation and resource reliability and better management of emergency situations.
  • Unified reporting which brings expense and time savings to the customer.
  • Negotiations and meetings are reduced.
  • Smooth cooperation between different task areas, such as when a cleaner spots safety issues, it is easy for them to contact the guard.

Benefits for personnel:

  • Enriching the work tasks of service professionals.
  • More career opportunities.
  • According to previous findings, it makes the personnel commit harder and makes the job more meaningful.
  • No more boundaries, which is a positive thing for the personnel and customers. This also improves matters of quality, which benefits both the customer and the personnel.

Crossing service tasks

One of the best features of the service solution model is the extension of the employees’ range of expertise so that they are able to carry out even more diverse task than before. Cleaning service employees can do property work, such as changing ligthbulbs, or outdoor work such as mowing the lawn, sanding and removing snow.

A lobby service guard can deliver the mail, make coffee for meetings and take care of other meeting arrangements. A technical guard, in turn, is a caretaker who has been trained as a guard.

There are several opportunities, but in the best cases, we are able to employ a person full-time through service solution, instead of an employee with only four hours of work, such as cleaning, at the premises. In addition, when a customer has workers from different fields from the same company, employees have a better chance of taking into account the different needs of the customer.

Service solutions organisation training is well under way. In addition to a property service degree, employees can complete guard certification and work in both fields. In the multiservice manager trainee programme, we train service managers and supervisors.

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