We are a responsible actor in society

SOL’s responsibility is to ensure that the services it provides are safe, reliable and sustainable and that they meet quality standards, such as hygiene requirements. SOL prefers long-term relationships with selected suppliers, and expects from all its service providers commitment to the requirements set for security, the environment and employment relationships.

SOL operates in corporate and consumer markets, and the end-user is always an individual who requires reliability and safety. SOL’s provision of services is well defined and mostly designed and developed by SOL. Development work is carried out in collaboration with all the suppliers to ensure the responsible production of the services. Development relies on safety, usability, functionality, durability and quality – all of which are factors needed for excellent customer satisfaction.

In SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy, the customer is responsible for the safety of SOL’s service experts. SOL's role is to recruit, train and provide orientation for service experts so that they are able to act according to customers' needs, instructions and safety regulations.

Transparent activity

As we are visible daily in peoples’ lives, our business sectors interest many. SOL aims for transparent interaction with the media and regularly reports the group’s news directly to the media via targeted press releases, which are also available on our website.

Our communications department coaches and trains the staff and it is responsible for internal and external communications in accordance with the company’s communications plan. We are pleased to share information about our actions and results. Our experts are encouraged to make public presentations and to share their knowledge outside the group.