We take care of the well-being of our personnel

Today, we employ over 13,000 people, and we are committed to ensuring the payment of their salaries and employer’s contributions according to agreements. We serve the customer in cooperation with our personnel. Our key value is the joy of working. SOL aims for a fair personnel policy, which enables the company to safeguard employment and guarantee high job satisfaction. We invest in the constant improvement of the personnel’s skills to ensure the best possible results for the customer, the employees and SOL.

Employees are encouraged and trained to participate in the planning and development of their own tasks in everyday work as well as in longer-term planning and development. The annual action plan and budget are built from the bottom upwards, thus involving as many employees as possible. In Finland, the entire staff is provided with general practitioner-level occupational health care, and SOL has adopted the Caring model of the Centre for Occupational Safety.

We invest in occupational safety, risk analysis, predictability, reporting and interaction everywhere in our company. Personnel competence is improved by short-term and long-term in-house coaching and training sessions, and by apprenticeship training. SOL's own degrees form a basis for competence degrees. SOL offers active tutoring and mentoring for all personnel groups.

Employee satisfaction is charted with the Ilopuntari questionnaire to regularly receive opinions from the staff on the meaning of the work, the safety and the functionality of the work community. From goals to results - conversations assist in placing objectives, achieving results and developing our operations. A scorecard is used for monitoring and controlling the achievement of the goals and good work performance is marked in the Quality Passport; accumulating good work leads to rewards.