Good results from everyday actions

At SOL, responsible business operations mean spontaneous responsibility that supports the company’s business and that is determined by the company's values and objectives, while also taking into account key stakeholders.

In addition to the Group's Management Team and task-specific development groups, the entire staff works for and towards SOL’s responsibility. The work of a responsible corporation involves us all. Many practical issues related to responsibility are addressed in our everyday work. These issues include occupational safety, good managerial work, improvements in working methods, environmental issues, work ethics, and a pleasant work community. We care about each other and our clients and strive for fair salaries.

The goal for SOL is not only to maintain a superb business culture but also to keep on improving it. Working should be cheerful, without forgetting the everyday creativity of each individual, the preservation of entrepreneurship and a lifetime of learning.

Our goal is to be a socially committed company where we invest in the continuity of our operations, the responsibility of the delivery chains and the overwhelmingly positive feedback of our services. Taking into account the environmental impacts, well-being at work and a constant development of our operations is also important. Ethical and responsible choices dictate more and more our procurement decisions and consumption. The responsibility of our business operations is necessary, as it has an effect on the entire world and only through that can we create successful business.