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Rebecca, SOL Laundry services

A life of endless exams did not interest Rebecca, who studies Finnish; she wanted something more. A good friend of Rebecca’s encouraged her to apply for a position at a SOL laundry, which, according to the friend, offered plenty of new challenges and opportunities. Rebecca made the call and was hired.

Rebecca says that the best aspects of her job are the responsibility, structure and customer service. She has found working at SOL very useful, especially considering her career after graduation.

During the time Rebecca has been at SOL—now three years—she has enjoyed several training courses arranged by company.

”I’ve had textile and customer service training, among other courses, and I’ve found all the training very useful. I’ve learnt lots of theory that supports my practical work,” says Rebecca, who works while completing her studies.

Rebecca finds customer service the most exciting aspect of her work. In her opinion, you can never predict the needs of a customer. This is exactly what makes her working day both interesting and challenging. Meeting the customer’s wishes can sometimes be very challenging.

Rebecca cannot praise her workmates enough:

”No one has ever lost their temper with me, even though to begin with I was slower than the others. Also, the working environment has always been helpful and encouraging,” says the future M.A.

When asked to describe SOL as an employer, Rebecca has an answer ready.

”SOL is a very warm-hearted employer. It’s easy for me to arrange my shifts. I think this is an example of flexibility. If something bothers me, I can always talk about it with my workmates, and get help if I need it. We are like one big family,” she says.

Outside of work, Rebecca's hobbies include ballet.